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One fast Rabbit

So after that damn fiasco with the Integra i decided to be more sensible and get another German car, because im really a fanboy for German cars.

Had a look around, test drove some more cars, just the usual, and then stumbled on this MK5 Golf GTI. Took it for a drive, and wow, much like the R32 Golf it instantly left an impression on me. Not quite as good as the R32, but the combo of the turbo power and the DSG trans is a lot of fun to drive.

It had a few mods, I knew about the adjustable suspension, LED rear tails, carbon diffuser and lip and exhaust when i got it, but also found out about aftermarket coils and diverter valve.

It was pretty well specced, with HID lights, full leather with heat, puddle lights and 18″ wheels. Lovely car to drive, plenty of power, lots of comfort, and all the features needed.

I added some extended DSG paddles, and a decatted downpipe. It made cool noises, including some great DSG farts from the exhaust.

As much as i enjoyed the car i did end up selling it because i was low on cash and had too much tied up in the car. It went to a local buyer who seems to be looking after the car well, including getting it tuned (which i wanted to do but didnt have time or money).

It’s missed, probably the best GTI I could’ve owned.

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