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E36 M3 S50B30 Vanos Rebuild PT4

Since the vanos unit was done, I moved onto the anti-rattle kit.

Part 122.52.63

You need to remove the splined, helical shaft from the intake cam.

It wasn’t easy, mine was reluctant to move forward enough to pop out until I gave it some help. I also noticed it was hard to get into the Beisan tool so i gave the spline a real good scrub and it moves much freer now.

Once removed the cause of the rattles was WELL obvious. There should be no axial play (wiggle)….. mine had a ton of movement. Loose as a goose.

Pulled it apart with my Supercheap li-ion rattle gun, worked a treat. The innards were dirty, with chunks of something inside it and noticeable wear on the end washers.

The Beisan kit replaces the outer ring and both end washers.

All fitted up with the discarded bits in the background. Fitted back into cam gear.

Pile of spare parts

And this is where I’m at now. The vanos unit is back on, just waiting on the bolts to completely finish the vanos and then i need to reassemble the valve cover and cooling system.

Continued in Part 5

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