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Nissan Skyline R33 Door Unlock Button Disabling

Everyone with an R33 coupe MUST do this. Skylines are great cars, very desirable but unfortunately thieves know this too and they’re a common target. This fix will remove one of the most common points of easy entry to your Skyline.

Standard, the R33 Skyline coupe has this handy button that will lock and unlock both of the doors with a flick of a switch. Said switch is mounted on the driver’s door just above the window switches.

Flick the button up or down and it will lock and unlock.

The problem lies in the fact that the Skyline is a pillarless hardtop car, so the window does not seat into a frame around the door. A pillarless door allows pretty easy access to the inside of the car without damaging the door or window. This allows a thief access to the the car simply by just flicking the unlock button on the door and opening the door. No mess, no noise. Too easy.

Disabling the unlock function is just as easy. One wire, a quick snip and all is well.

The first step is to remove the handle and button pack from the door so you can access the wiring. Pop out the little cap inside the pull handle, remove the screw and gently pull the whole handle out.

The wire you need to snip is the brown wire. Tape up both exposed ends and reassemble. The locking function will still work, but unlock will now do nothing (although you can still lock both doors by flicking the locking nub in the opening handle on the door).

This may potentially save your car. It was too late to save mine but hopefully it’ll slow the thieves down and make them move onto a different car. This may also work on an R34 coupe but I have not tested that.

Credit to PaulR33 on SAU forums for his initial write-up and the photos. As usual, do this at your own risk etc etc.

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