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Dollar Dollar Bills

Like usual, I was bored yesterday at work, so, like all normal people, I decided to work out the average MSRP of some of the cars I have owned, and some other cars from the same era that were popular.

So, what triggered this weird investigation? I found out the retail price of my new car when it was new. It certainly wasn’t cheap, so that made me wonder how it compared to other cars at the time.

As a base line, a couple of really common cars,

The R34 Skyline GTR had an MSRP of 5,950,000 JPY (Japanese Yen). This equates to $79,831 NZD in today’s money (NZD16), or $59,030 NZD in old timey 2002 money (NZD02).

In comparison an RX7 Spirit R was 3,998,000 JPY, or $53,650 NZD16/$39,671 NZD02

The much loved Mk4 Supra RZ was 4,390,000 JPY/$58,913 NZD16/$43,562 NZD02

On the other end of the scale, our little Honda Fit was only 1,575,000 JPY/$21,145 NZD16/$17,724 NZD07

And who could forget the awesome little 2015 Suzuki Alto Works. 1,617,840 JPY/$21,720 NZD16

The R34 GTR was bloody expensive!

So, heres the list, of both cars I have owned, and ones I think are interesting. NZDX is the cost of the car in its own year, or in other words, how many dollar bills you’d have to part with in the showroom back then. Keeping in mind at the time, some of these cars cost more than houses!

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