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S401 Engine Oil Change

According to the sticker on the windscreen, the car wasnt due for another oil change for another 1000km or so….

But hey, with how well the rest of the car was maintained, as if I was going to trust that. It also had another sticker that said the spark plugs were done 20,000km ago

I picked up a new, genuine filter and sump washer the other day, and got cracking on it when I got home after work today.

First step was to get the car in the air. I had issues with this the other day, although the car isn’t that low, my low profile jack just isn’t long enough to each the central jacking point and still clear the bumper. Back when I had the MX5 I had the same issue, so I grabbed a pallet from work, but haven’t actually done anything with it until now.

I cut it into pieces the other week, and today I decided to see if they would work. I slipped them in front of the wheels, and drove the car forward. Up it went, and suddenly I have just enough clearance for the jack. Hurrah.

Once it was up on stands I started to remove the under tray. Whilst under there, I noticed more bloody mud. I think the only way I will get on top of it is to get it on a hoist and scrape the mud off by hand. Maybe this weekend’s task.

It’s not rocket science to change the oil on one of these. The filter is right there (and if it’s a genuine filter, it even tells you it’s for the Engine), and the drain plug is a big obvious 17mm bolt.

The oil was pretty thin, black and it did not smell pretty. Thankfully I wasn’t panning for gold in the drain tray, so im stoked.

I was interested to note that the washer that came off was just a normal copper washer and the new replacement was a proper crush washer.

Before I spun the new filter on, I pre-filled the filter with new oil. I love easy to access, straight up and down filters.

Only the best genuine Mitsubishi oil for my Subaru (fully synthetic 5W30 made by Castrol)

I really need to clean my bloody work bench

Popped 4.5L in, bang on perfect level.

Dropped it down, fired it up, oil light went out quickly and engine sounds good. Took for it a quick hoon to heat the oil up and break it in. I swear the engine sounds quieter, but it could be a placebo.

I’m slowly but surely getting there.

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