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Speeduino – Rover SD1, A Gas Station’s Best Friend

Took the SD1 for another drive after work today to do some more tuning. Since it was running so well, I figured I would shoot down and grab some gas.

I tweaked the Acceleration Enrichment yesterday so it would stop dumping so much fuel in when the throttle was pressed, and it drives a lot better now. Still a small stutter, but I’ll keep working on it. Otherwise, it drives awesome. Much smoother, more responsive, happier to rev, and it just hauls.

The whole time I was driving I was using VEAL to tune the map. Compared to yesterday it was only having to do small adjustments here and there to tweak the map, no big changes, which means I’m getting closer to a nice tidy map.

I am still having trouble revving the engine out to redline as I just keep running out of road, or get into license risking territory quickly. I still have about 1500RPM I haven’t touched yet. Rev limit is currently set at 6500RPM, but I really don’t think the engine needs to rev that high, so I’ll drop it to 6000RPM.

I did some hill climbing work to get into the high throttle, low RPM cells, and even there is just pulls like a train. I’m so impressed with Speeduino it’s not even funny. The difference in how it drives is night and potato.

Going back to fuelling up, hows this for economy?

10.9MPG 😁

It’s really not about the miles per gallon though; it’s all about smiles per mile, and that number is HUGE.

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Dave Smith
7 years ago

Wow, and I thought the 16 I got from my MS1 V8 in a kit car was low