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Rover SD1, Wof time and dorts

Another six months down, so last weekend it was time for another Warrant of Fitness on the Rover.

No matter what car it is, but especially old cars, Warrant time is a bit of a pain. After doing lots of pre-emptive work for the last warrant, and having only covered about 1200km since, I was hoping for another easy pass.

Here she is ready for the inspection

After a thorough poking and prodding, she came away with another clean sheet. One of the rear seat belts had to be untwisted, and the front wheel bearings might need tightening or replacing before next WOF, but otherwise she is a solid old beast.

So that’s another six months of motoring to do, and coming into summer, I’m intending to put far more than 1200km on it by the next WOF. In saying that though, the car was off the road for a couple of months recently due to various reasons (Speeduino install, waterpump failure, my wedding….).

To celebrate its new warrant, the car decided to surprise me when I got home, by snapping the hand brake cable as I parked up. *sigh*

Off to Rimmers to buy a replacement. Thankfully the parking pawl on the trans works, so the car wont roll away.

Since the Rover has been uncovered the past couple of days I finally took the chance to grab the camera and grab a quick video of the exhaust.

It’s a good sound. I like it, but I do wish it was a smidgen louder, and more grumbly. At some point I’ll unbolt the rear section (which has a muffler in it) and see what it sounds like without it (so then it will only be a single muffler, and a resonator in the system). If I like it, I’ll get a pipe made up to replace the muffler.

The next job is to change the auto trans oil and filter. It’s a messy job, and a pain to do, but it should be done.

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