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Mazda MX5 NB, Bye Bye Flashy Wheels

It’s no surprise I didn’t like the fancy wheels on the MX5 when I got it, so off they came.

The fancy wheels were nice and wide (15×8), but the style and stretched tires just weren’t my thing.

I picked up a set of standard 14″ wheels and tires the other week. I gave them a good clean yesterday

After a fun effort with swapping wheels, here’s what I had

The offset is a little on the weak side, but I much prefer the style

Its interesting. The fancy wheels are 2 inches wider than the standard wheels, but due to the stretched tires the tire width on the fancy wheels was only 1CM per tire wider.

The biggest difference other than the looks, is how light the standard wheels are. The fancy wheels are about 18kg per wheel, with tire. The standard wheels weight about 10kg per wheel and tire. I didn’t think this would make a difference, but on such a small and light car it was immediately obvious. The steering is sharper and more direct, and the car just feels lighter and more nimble. Its much more fun to drive, even with the old tires with low tread.

The only thing left other than a good clean and polish is to change the roof over. Not something i look forward to doing, but the standard roof is completely stuffed and I have a spare just sitting in the garage.

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6 years ago

Hi, I absolutely want those fancy wheels!
Where can I find them? Any info?