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Mazda MX5 NB, Fixing The Door Cards

Slowly but surely I’m crossing things off the list of stuff to fix. Today I got stuck in and hid the sharp stabby thing that calls its self the driver’s door.

Shortly after I got the car I removed the driver’s door card to fix the window issue (and because it wasn’t attached at all…) and it hasn’t been back on the car again until today.

Before I could reinstate the door card I had to do something about the missing moisture barrier.

The other week when I was out and about I picked up a generous meter of thin plastic sheeting from Mitre10. It’s not exactly what was used originally, but it’ll do the job.

I cut a sheet just bigger than the door, and stuck it on along the top.

Using a trusty razor blade I trimmed the sheet down to size, and cut holes for various things that need to poke through, like the door handle. I also removed the door handle trim, as the previous butcher didn’t and they were stuck behind the door card, not on top of it like they should be.

The standard barrier uses a bunch of sticky black butyl to hold it to the door. Some of that butyl was still there, but most of it was either very dirty or lost its stick. You can see above that I used some tape to help secure the sheet. If its good enough for British Leyland, its good enough for my little MX5. They do say the MX5 was trying to beat the British at their own game….

Oh, and if you make a new barrier, don’t forget to cut this bit out, or the door card won’t go on.

With the barrier now in place, i refit the door card. I found some screws that fit the holes, and clipped the clips in properly. It’s now pretty solidly mounted. It’s nice to have something to shut the door with again, and not have to battle with either sharp bits in the door, or that sticky butyl trying to get all over my arm.

I thought I would check the other door too, and sure enough…. no moisture barrier.

So I made another barrier, and refit the door card properly.

Much better.

Being such a nice day outside I decided to go stroll around Pick A Part in the hunt for all the tools missing from the boot. I got lucky, picking up a nice new Nissan jack, and some tools from a Mitsubishi in a nice baggy. I also got the metal disk that secures the wheel, so in it all went.

Nice. Now I need to sort the boot board out, and get some clips for the boot trim that’s all just floating around. Small things make the biggest differences sometimes.

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