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Rover Vitesse, Today Aint Done Yet

Nope, I couldn’t help myself.

I had to take the Vitesse for a somewhat decent drive.

It roars, it pops, it bangs and it crackles. It’s everything I ever wanted in an SD1, and it’s so much fun to hoon around in. I’m getting used to shifting with hopes and dreams, and boy does the engine pack a solid midrange punch. The EFI is nice to waft along in, but this is like riding a feral animal.

Still no sign of the misfire, so hopefully something I have done may have fixed it. Need to keep testing, but need to be careful with no reg/wof.

I took some quick photos whilst I was out. Excuse the dirt, still haven’t had a chance to clean her; it’s been all go go go. I also need to work out how to lower the rear shocks that I pumped up the other day 😅


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