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Rover Vitesse, Waist Mouldings

Just a quick fix today, getting Tess ready for the show.

The waist mouldings on Tess were in terrible shape. Most were cracked, some missing chunks and all of them were hard as a rock. They didn’t look or feel good.

I believe these had been swapped once already in the past, as they had signs of being cut by hand and not factory fit like the original ones on Effie. There are also some printed/faxed/copied documents showing different styles of trims in my box of receipts.

These are fairly quick to swap, with the hardest part being the removal of the old ones as they get stuck in the holders and break apart when you try to pull them out. I used some needle nose pliers to gently pull them out.

I used a thin coating of silicone spray on the part of the seal that locks into the trim, and it just slips into place. For such a simple job, it makes a big improvement.

I purchased the seals from Rimmers and knew they would be decent as I replaced the ones on Effie over a year ago with Rimmers seals and they still look and feel good

Effie goes for a WOF on Friday, so everything crossed she passes, or Tess will be alone on Sunday at the show.

Parts Used

RO1177K4 – Door Glass to Waist Moulding Kit (incl. 4 seals)

Please note these parts are specific to my car and may vary. Please check before ordering.

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