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Project Snicket, Engine Steady Bushes

As part of the recommissioning process, I chose to replace the bushes for the engine steadies with uprated poly bushes.

The Mini runs three steady rods, that run from either the subframe or the body to the engine. These restrict the rocking movement of the engine, and are fairly important to keep in good condition.

When I was under the car a while back I noted that one of the lower steadies had badly perished bushes. They run rubber bushes standard, which obviously doesn’t play nice with oil leaks and time, both of which this car has had in bucket loads.

I ordered some uprated, harder poly bushes from Minispares, which arrived the other day.

Removal of the steadies is generally simple as anything, just a spanner and ratchet to remove them, remembering which steady went where (although they are different angles so couldn’t be swapped anyway). I chose to only do two of the steadies and they seem to be the main ones people focus on, the top steady, and the lower LH steady.

The lower steady was first to get sorted. The bushes obviously weren’t in the greatest shape

I don’t know if its standard or these had been replaced, but they were a two piece bush. I pushed the center pin out with a screwdriver, and then the two halves of the bush just popped out with some leverage.

The new Minispares poly bushes are two piece too, so very easy to fit. No press needed. I used some rubber grease on the bushes to help slip them into the rod, and to in theory, help reduce any squeaking they might make during use.

And refitted to the car. Easy.

The upper mount has a couple more things to remove to get it free. The engine side has a mounting plate to remove, and the bolts for that were rather tight. I have heard of them shearing off, so take care, but otherwise it’s easy to remove. The bushes on this were showing signs of softening and tearing

These too were two piece bushes, so just popped out and the replacements slipped back into their place

Refitting was a bit more of a pain though, as the engine was leaning slightly backwards (the soft old bushes obviously took this into account) and getting the body side bolt in was a juggling act. First I loosely assembled the engine side of the mount, and then whilst pulling forward on the rocker cover, I slipped the bolt through the body mount. Tightened it all up, and now it should be mint.

I’m expecting I will probably see some increase in vibration from the harder mounts, but heck, the Mini is hardly refined as it is. This should make the engine more responsive since it wont be flopping around when you come on and off the throttle. A nice little upgrade for little cost and an hour or so.

Parts Used

C-STR633 – Lower Poly Stabiliser Bush Kit
C-STR630 – Stabiliser Bush Poly Engine Kit

Please note these parts are specific to my car and may vary. Please check before ordering.

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