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TVR Tasmin, WOF Time

With the brake rotors slowly making their way to me from across the planet, I wanted to get the TVR in for a Warrant Of Fitness inspection to see if there was anything else I needed to order.

Its been a little nerve-wracking, knowing that this would be the longest trip the car has taken in about 3-4 years, and it’s still only a 40km round trip. Nothing for the other two cars, but for the TVR, it seemed like half the country away.

To prepare for it I took the TVR for a backroad shakedown the other day; just a short 15km trip, but further than down the road and back I’ve done previously. The car ran and drove well, but did show up a couple of weak points. The rear shocks are feeling a bit tired and bouncy, and as I already knew, the brakes shudder badly.

Today was the day though, the first time I’ve had the car on the motorway at open road speeds, and for a longer distance. The car did well, felt comfortable enough on the open road, but the higher speeds did show up an annoying shake at about 80kph, which I suspect could be the old tyres on the car, similar to when I got Tess (which had also been sitting for years). Otherwise everything was fine. The steering was nice and direct, the temps were good and steady, and the gearbox shifts well. She sure turns heads though; can’t imagine why.

I made it in one piece, with the top down even, despite some light drizzle on the way in.

After waiting oh so patiently, the car was finally on the hoist and it was inspection time.

The inspection required two inspectors, since the TVR was so far out of their normal parameters (both are old enough to remember working on the donors like the XJS and Capri/Cortina but haven’t touched anything like it in years), but after a while, I had my answer.

It was a fail.

Not completely unexpected, but unfortunately one thing I hadn’t counted on was the front lower ball joints having excessive play in them. It’s not the end of the world, they’re MK4 Cortina parts, so I have a pair on the way already.

There were a couple of other advisories, such as the brakes shuddering, and the front tires starting to show signs of perishing, but overall I think its a pretty damn good list considering the car was last on the road 2015/2016. I’ve had worse on cars that have been already been on the road recently.

The rear rotors arrived today, and the fronts are en route from the UK currently. I’m looking into options for some new shocks to help with the bounce in the rear, and some new tyres will have to be on the list now too. It seemingly never ends, but once its done it should be a good solid car.

So yes, Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope you all have a good break. Get out there and either work on, and/or drive your cars, and I’ll be back in the new year.

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