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A wild Skyline appears

So one thing I had craved since my Skyline was stolen, was another one. They’re really good cars but tidy original ones are hard to find, even more so now, many years later.

I swapped the terrible Laurel for this, drove all the way down to Timaru. Got there and he had removed his nice 17″ wheels off it and installed mismatched R32 GTST wheels with bald tyres. Thanks. In order to complete the deal I managed to keep the wheels from the Laurel with good tyres and swap them over in the car park of a supermarket so he now had the Laurel on his dodgy wheels.

It was very tidy, mostly stock (just exhaust and a BOV fitted), and drove great. Once again in white, but this time without the skirt kit.

On this one I removed the BOV pipe as it still had the original BOV fitted, so no point in running two. I also replaced the wastegate actuator with one from an RB20DET and bypassed the factory boost solenoid (which runs 8psi changing to 10psi over 3500rpm). The 20DET actuator is a solid 10psi at wastegate pressure. This made a noticeable difference in turbo response, it was quicker, but it also meant on hot days I was getting some detonation at times. I ended up going back to stock to save the engine from det. Whilst there I noticed all the turbo to manifold bolts were loose, so that helped.

Unfortunately only a few days me owning it and I had already stuck the front bumper into a hidden, high curb and taken paint off. That made me angry for a while.

Originally I ran on the 16″ polished GTST wheels, which I think looked OK, but the offset was too weak so they stuck in the body too far. I swapped some wheels with a mate for his 17″ Enkei RP01s, and they looked fantastic.

I ended up getting bored with this and swapped it for me next car (another common theme).

Update 8/3/20 – This car is currently off the road with rego on hold. Hasn’t had a WOF since 2015.