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I managed to sell the FXGT, for more than i paid, which meant that i could afford to both pay off my loan and buy a new car.

I needed something cheap, as i hadnt sold all the bits from the Legacy yet so i only had what was left over form the Corolla. I found this on the interwebs, and decided to take a look. It was in my price range, and looked tidy enough.

It wasnt perfect, had some peeling paint, various bits of damaged trim and the bumper had some holes filled with tape. It drive well, and was fun to drive. Had a newer revision of the ZC engine that my first CRX had, but sadly not the B16A vtec engine.

I didnt own this one long as once i had sold all the Legacy bits i wanted to splurge and buy something nice.

What both myself and the previous owner didnt know was the horror lurking beneath this car. It turns out the inner guard on the RH side was made of rust and holes, not metal at all. The new owner was good about it, and actually knew someone that was a panel beater so ended up fixing and repainting the whole car anyway. It looked stunning afterwards.

1.6L ZC

Update 8/3/20 – Unfortunately it appears this car met its end due to being deregistered by “Vehicle taken permanently off the road” 9 years ago. Huge shame after all the work the owner after me put into it.

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