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E46 323i

Another BMW, and another 323i. This time its a boring low spec sedan.

I wasnt happy with the R33, and I got offered a swap. I’m a huge BMW fanboy so when someone wants to swap me a BMW for a car I don’t like, well, I owned it. The new owner was stoked with the skyline and I was happy with the BMW.

It was low spec, so non-motorsport, 15″ alloys, cloth interior and just a bit drab… it did have a sunroof and the M52TUB25 6 cylinder engine though. It drove really well, and was in decent condition. I guess the low spec materials are hard-wearing.

I hated the cheap wheels that they came with factory, so scored a set of cheap E46 Motorsport wheels in staggered fitment. Jammed them on and damn, made a huge improvement in not just looks, but handling too.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. When I did an oil change I noted that I drained about 3L more oil out of the sump than there should have been (yes it read high on the dipstick, but didn’t seem to have any issues), but seemed to have no ill effects. The car also threw a wobbly one day when we were out and about, misfiring badly and throwing a CEL. Limped it home, scanned it and found the intake piping had failed and fallen to bits, letting lots of unmetered air in the engine. Replaced the piping and the car ran mint for the rest of my ownership.

I sold it to a nice couple that used it as a daily for a bit. I have recently seen it on Trademe, lowered, tinted lights front and rear and the motorsport wheels painted gloss black. Each to their own.

Update 8/3/20 – Unfortunately it appears this car met its end due to the exemption lapsing 3 years ago, and is now deregistered.

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