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Told you it wasnt over.

About 3 years after I sold my second Legacy (the first gen GT that was converted to manual and had the STI engine fitted), whilst trawling trademe for my next toy… guess what i found. It was sitting around, had covered almost no KM since i sold it, and hadnt aged well in the mean time. I owned this at the same time as the FXGT Corolla.

It was listed still with the same issue i sold it with, so it looks like the owner never sorted it either. I enlisted the help of a couple of friends to purchase the car for me (i figured that due to the current state of the car the seller may not be too happy with me, as obviously it was a bigger issue than i thought), drive it around the corner to where i was waiting and i would drive it home. It still drove, still wouldnt boost properly.

Got it home and took a look at what i have. Car was almost exactly as i sold it, except for more paint damage, the drivers door had some sort of issue (its taped shut in the photos, cant recall why), and it had been broken into and the ignition smashed. Someone had also removed the intake resonator and replaced it with a rusty bit of mild steel. MMM.

I decided since i didnt need to drive this, as i still had the Corolla, i could actually try and find out what the problem was and fix it. Mechanically it should have been all good, so i decided it was probably electrical. This resulted in me testing various sensors and probing wiring…. and removing the dash to get at all the wiring looms.

Unfortunately no matter what i did i just couldnt fix the issue, i found some incorrect wiring, fixed it, still didnt fix the issue. The final straw was when i discovered some serious rust in the body, between the boot opening and the rear window. A lovely hole i could poke things through. I decided, since i couldnt fix the damn running issue and it now had rust, i would part it out and see if i could recover what i had spent on it. It was a hell of a shame, but it had to be done.

I had a mate help flat tow it to his workshop and we got stuck in. Using the power of an angle grinder, we stripped the good bits out in no time, and sent the shell off to the scrap yard to be crushed.