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The VR-Flaw

So after the Altezza i thought this would be a great replacement. Sure, on paper it looked great, on the test drive it drove OK but really I just wanted rid of the tezza, so we struck a deal.

Speaking of test drive, I’m amazed the seller still went through with it, after having to push start the Altezza when the battery packed a sad when we were test driving the VR4. Embarrassing!

When I got the car it was fairly untidy, but had a butt load of receipts for various work including lots of engine work (forged pistons, rods, gaskets etc). It tidied up really really well, the paint was in great condition with lots of gloss.

Sadly despite how clean it was, it drove like a sack of rubbish. Unresponsive, laggy, loud and just really unrefined and fairly slow.

Apparently this was the Super VR4 Monte Carlo edition, which is one of them Evo 0 things everyone loves. In later times I have since discovered that it may not have been a Monte Carlo edition, but a normal Super VR4 (still an Evo 0, just not as flash), as according to sources the Monte Carlo edition all had a sunroof. Mine didn’t have one.

The interior was all stock, and it was ugly. Terrible seats, and in my case the seats didn’t really seem to have any padding left in them, they were terrible to sit on. All the interior plastics were hard and brittle, with various bits breaking or broken.

It did have lots of really good bits in it, and from what I have seen the latest owner has been enjoying it and using it to its potential, but I hated this car.

Update 8/3/20 – Currently on the road with Reg/WOF.