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Torneo Arrr

With the BMW sold I had already lined up a car to buy. At the time I got this it was crazy cheap, a few thousand cheaper than most others around. It was actually very tidy, and had been lowered. The pearl white paint was really nice, with a  pearl that made the paint pop without being too obvious.

This being a CL1 Honda Torneo Euro R it had all the fancy bits, like carbon interior trim, recaro seats, LSD gearbox, redtop H22A, and the better bodykit.

I didn’t do much to this one, or keep it too long. It suffered the usual EGR carbon buildup, so I pulled the EGR system apart and cleaned it out. It also had the usual valve cover gasket leak, so fixed that too. Thankfully unlike a lot of these cars it didn’t suffer the gearbox issues CL1s are known for, so my 5th and Reverse actually worked OK.

They’re great cars these, enough space for a car load of people, decent comfort, plenty of power and the handling is just amazing.

Update 10/11/20 – Spotted on Facebook. “Engine smoking and front seats sold”

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