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Category: MX5

Major Milestone!

Finally hit a major milestone in the Roadster today. 200,000km.

Still running fantastic, no signs of any issues and has aged really well. Goes to show how little mileage actually matters.

On another note, the cleaned leather looks and feels great now too. The steering wheel is really nice to hold, and doesn’t leave my hands feeling gross after use.

Mazda MX5 NC Rear Shock Change & Wipers

The MX5 came with two options of shock absorbers. The Sport model (RS) got flashy Bilsteins and all the other models got boring Mazda made shocks (US models low-end shocks were Tokico, but I can’t see anything on my JDM shocks to indicate the same). I wasn’t lucky, my car isn’t technically Sport spec, so no Bilsteins from factory. Can’t have everything eh?