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Tag: ZC31S


Well with a heavy heart i have to report that Alton the Swift Sport has been sold and was collected by its new owners this evening. Its gone to a good home, and should bring them the same enjoyment i had.

Good bye friend. Now to sort your replacement.

Alton, the yellow beast

And here we are, current.

So after the Golf I decided i still wanted something fun to drive, but cheap. Scouring Trademe i came across Alton, high KM but has a mechanical warranty, and was forsale by its only NZ owner since import. I went and took a look and what i saw, i enjoyed.

Its a 2006 Suzuki Swift Sport, in Champion Yellow. Its manual, has the M16A 1.6L engine, Recaro interior, and HID headlights.

It also had some mods, aftermarket 17″ wheels, it was lowered and had an intake and exhaust. What a later found was the suspension, intake and exhaust were all Suzuki Sport Racing gear, and the wheels are Direzza RSC. Pretty top end stuff for a Swift.

It makes some really addictive noises from the intake and exhaust, and loves to rev. The little M16A engine is a heck of an upgrade over the standard ones, with high compression, high lift cams and variable valve timing. Cheap on gas, and fun to rev. The gearbox is a mixed bag, great feel, solid but easy shifts and from 2nd onwards its close ratio…. the weird thing is that first is too long, and the gap from 1st to 2nd is too big so the engine falls out of its power band and bogs down even when changed at redline. It also doesnt have any sort of LSD, so can be a bit messy in the wet.