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E36 M3 S50B30 Vanos Rebuild PT2

Right, so today was also a story of ups and downs.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Vanos Saga. Please be sure to check out part one first.

This is where I left off, with the car buttoned up for the night and two bolts rounded off and stuck.

This is one of the two bolts that I was stuck on. I had been belting on this with no movement and gave up.

Finally after some more belting with a hammer and screwdriver, it started to turn!

And then there was one.

So before I started on that one again I thought I had best check the last set of bolts I need to remove to get the vanos off; the vanos bridge bolts. These are four bolts on the part behind the vanos. Two are easy to see, the other two are recessed in the bridge. First issue, all the holes are filled with oil and some old sludge. After much brake clean and cloths, I got it nice and clean. Issue two, the two recessed bolts are too deep for my hex socket.

This is where I spend the afternoon running around trying to find someone with a deep hex socket. Nope, no can do. In the end I have only one option, buy some allen keys and cut them up to make a long hex socket. I go to the Warehouse and buy a set of cheap allen keys that have squared off ends (god I hate the ball end keys).

This is where the win comes into it. I decided to whack the 6mm key in the hole; perfect fit! hmmm, how do I turn it now…. jack handle!

These two get the Tool of the Day award!

The other two bolts are easy, so all of them are cracked, no rounding. Yay!

I then turn my attention to the one stuck bolt I have.

After much work, much frustration and much cussing I decide the only way to get enough room is to remove the radiator.

The rad, although dirty, has been replaced in the past and is in good condition. This also gives me a chance to clean the oil cooler which is packed with mud. One thing I will note too, is to remove the radiator you must disconnect the oil cooler. It is held in with one 10mm bolt on the RH end, and then you lever it out of that bracket with a screwdriver (couldn’t find this info anywhere else so had to work it out myself).

Even with the radiator gone I can’t get it out. I try all my tools, and come to one conclusion. I can’t get a drill in there, no room. Cant get the dremel in there, no room. A hammer and chisel or screwdriver isnt turning it. I’m stuck.

I have now used high strength loctite to secure the 5mm hex socket inside the bolt. I’ll leave it 24 hours like it says, and then cross everything and see if it will hold long enough for me to crank the bastard out. If not, I don’t know what ill do.

Car is wrapped up again.

To be continued, again.

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