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Rover SD1, Tail Lamp Upgrade

This is one of those little hints and tips I found on the Rover SD1 club forum, but it was buried deep in the thousands and thousands of posts. A quick and easy way to greatly improve the brightness of the tail lamps.

Credit to “SD1Steve” for this modification, in his original thread (you will need to be a member to view).

The Rover SD1 has tail lamps that are woeful at best and downright stupid at worst. They are tiny and badly lit.

I have tried LED in the past, and they just weren’t any better than the normal 233 style bulb, so I reverted back.

I knew about the halogen bulb upgrade early on but I didn’t happen to have any halogen bulbs at hand. I ordered some over the weekend and they arrived today so I thought I would give it a shot.

The bulbs to use are 10W Mini Halogen with a BA9S base. I used Narva 17833,

They are a direct replacement for the 233 style bulb factory fitted, and the results? Amazing. They are about twice as bright, and they light the lens up more, resulting in a nice big bright light. It’s hard to capture with a camera just how much better it is.

Normal bulb on the Left, and Halogen on the Right.

And both

And in the (almost) dark.

Old LH, Halogen RH

And both Halogen

Check out those awesome warm white LED number plate lights too 😍

I was interested in the dual filament modification, but with the halogen bulbs fitted, I just don’t think it’s needed. I’ll stick with this for now, and if I decide to change later, it’s not hard to do.

I love small little, cheap, modifications that have great results 😁

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