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Scooty Puff Jr, Oh Puddles.

#SmellsLikePetrol. Uh-oh.

Went out to check the scooter earlier to see if I could identify if it has a restrictor plate installed or not (apparently the previous owner had the plate removed years ago). It doesn’t look like a plate is fitted, but what I did see was this… 

A nice big puddle of fuel.

Turns out the fuel petcock (an automatic, vacuum operated fuel shutoff valve) got stuck open after my adventures yesterday. In the process of checking if it was stuck open I ended up with a whole lot of petrol down my arm. Yum.

You can just make out the petcock behind the foreground hose, with the sprung brown hose (fuel line from petcock to carb) going into it.

It wasnt just weeping, when I took the fuel hose off it was pouring out (gravity feed from tank). I don’t know how much it leaked during the day, but some percussive maintenance has stopped it leaking in the mean time.

It’s either going to work properly now (hoping it was just sticky from not being used), or I’ll have to fork out for a new one. I might get my vacuum pump on it and see if I can test it.

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