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TVR Tasmin, Parts Crossover

I’ve been having some issues with getting the correct parts for the Tasmin, so this post will be a running log of the correct parts used on my early Tasmin.

I think the issue mainly stems from a couple of things. First, these cars were all hand-built, and not everything was quite as clinical as a crisp, clean and robotic production line now. Some things got swapped, modified and customised on the fly, as the cars were built, depending on what parts were in stock at their local motor factors that day.

The other reason is that because these cars are “parts bin” specials, they were built with whatever was available at the time, and there were a lot of running changes as the cars progressed. Some parts used on early cars were replaced a couple of times by the end of production, so a part used on a later car may not be suitable for my early one.

This will be a continuously updated post, and will hopefully help some other Tasmin owners in the future. Feel free to use this information how you like, but I ask that this whole list isn’t copied and reproduced elsewhere, as this post will be updated semi-regularly and any copies are likely to be out of date quickly.

Most, if not all, of these part numbers are confirmed as tested and working by myself on my car. Some of these brands will be region specific but should be easy enough to cross over.

Please note these parts are specific to my 1980 Tasmin 2.8 DHC, and may not fit other cars, even of the same model/year. Please check what is on your car first.

Oil Filter – Ryco Z71
Fuel Filter – Ryco Z399

Air Filter – Ryco A1345

Valve Cover Gaskets – ACL JM875
Intake Plenum Gasket – Permaseal MG3044
Fuel Hose Tanks-Pump – 5/8″ (16mm)
Fuel Hose Pump-Filter – 1/4″ (High Pressure rated J30R9 or greater)
Battery – NS60LSMF

Injectors – Bosch 0437502047 (from a Mercedes)
Injector Seals – Febi 034133557E
Fuel Distributor Regulator Seal Kit – DeLoreanGo 102807A
Fuel Distributor to Airbox Seal –  DeLoreanGo 102855
Fuel Pump – Bosch 0580464125
Copper Washers – M8x12x1mm (Fuel Dist/WUR) – M10x14x1mm (WUR) – M12x16x1mm (Fuel Dist)

Front Rotors – MTEC045 (slotted,drilled,dimpled etc), EBC D048, OEM: 1549701

Front Pads – EBC Greenstuff DP2291, Redstuff DP3291C

Rear Rotors – DBA DBA075, Brembo 08.2557.10, OEM: JLM731

Rear Pads – EBC Greenstuff DP2101, Ultimax DP101, OEM: JLM1513

Handbrake Pads – JLM1514

Headlight Rings –
Headlights –
Body Seal (Around rear hoop, windscreen, door openings) – 10m Racetech TVR U0188
Gas Struts (boot and bonnet) – 4x SGS Engineering GSC2281 (100N)

Ash Trays – Rover SD1 Series 1 (NOT Jaguar. Jag Left, TVR/SD1 Right. Not interchangeable)

Interior Mirror – MK5 Cortina
Column Stalks –
Switches –


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