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TVR Tasmin, The Finale

Unfortunately, the time finally came; the TVR was moved onto a new owner.

It was with a somewhat heavy heart I said goodbye to the car. It was a long time coming but not that unexpected since I had been trying to sell the car for months, but it’s still bittersweet seeing someone else drive off in the car you spent so much time, effort and money on.

The flip side to that is that I watched a car drive off, that 18 months ago couldn’t even drive off the back of a flatbed tow truck. I saved it to be enjoyed by future owners, which at the end of the day is my ultimate goal when saving cars.

So long story short, love it or hate it, the TVR was traded for a 2007 BMW 650i. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and to be honest, the last thing I need since I really need the space and money, but this was a purely strategic move. It should be a similar value, and with a bigger market, I’m hoping it will actually sell.

A few months ago I decided it was time to sell the TVR. I average something stupid like 100 Miles in 6 months, and it spends most of its time sitting in the garage waiting for the perfect conditions for me to take it for a drive. Lately, those perfect conditions either haven’t happened, or it’s been easier to just take something like the Corolla for a drive instead and not deal with the headaches driving a classic TVR has (comfort, visibility, the roof, the noise etc). The car deserved better, it needed to go to someone that would take it out and use it. The car was at a point now though that if I wanted to, I could just jump in and drive it. It needed no work.

I had a few people contact me about the car, most showing a huge amount of interested and enthusiasm for the car, but when it came down to it they played the “woe is me, for XX reason I can only come up with his much money” card and offered me a good 6-8K less than my asking price. I was loathed to play that game, so stuck to my guns with a certain bottom line counter offer I had, about halfway between. No one ever came back.

I had one person view the car. One. He wasn’t even in the market himself, he was shopping for a car for someone in Auckland. The guy I met was wowed by my car, really liked it and was astounded by the condition, but unfortunately, it ultimately wasn’t his call, and the one with the money ended up buying an SR20 powered Lotus 7 replica instead. Apparently, he is a collector of weird and wonderful cars (such as three-wheeled Morgans), but a TVR didn’t fit his collection where an exciting to drive but common as anything Lotus rep did. Hmm.

Before I got the Marina I opened up to the option of a trade. Ideally hoping to get something like an MGB GT, but even then I got three offers. One was the BMW, the second was a Morris Minor Ute, and the third was a Fiat Panda 100hp.

The Panda is kinda cool, but resale wouldn’t be good. The Minor would have been a great deal and resale should have been pretty decent (it was very tidy) but the only way that deal was to work was if I drove the TVR almost 400KM and met them half way in Taupo. The TVR is hard work to drive, so I wasn’t interested in that. They were meant to be heading down to Wellington last week and wanted to view the TVR with the though of an outright purchase. They never contacted me.

The owner of the BMW was keen to bring the car the 8 hour drive south from Auckland to meet me, and do the trade down here and drive the TVR all the way back to Auckland. A hell of a drive. So, having looked at the current value of tidy 650is I said yes, but it would have to wait until after British Car Day as I wanted the TVR to attend that.

Sure enough, British Car Day went off without a hitch. We had four TVRs on display, with three of us meeting up first and driving in together. It’s the most TVRs I’ve ever seen at the show.

Along with the usual data card on the windscreen, I also had a For Sale sign in the hopes that someone might see the car and decide to give me a call. It didn’t happen 🙁

So last weekend I met up with the BMW owner. We had a look over each car, test drove each, and I went through all the ins and outs of the TVR to see if he was still dedicated to owning one.

He was happy, I was happy, we changed ownership and after moving all his stuff from the spacious BMW into the tiny and cramped TVR, we set off on our own adventures.

It will likely be the last time I see the car, but hopefully I can follow along as people on forums and Instagram spot it and take photos. I hope he looks after it, and if he cant, sells it to someone that can.

The BMW makes the TVR look particularly tiny

Going our separate ways

The BMW isn’t all roses, but that is a story for its own post later. For now, good bye TVR. Be good.

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