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Single Choo Choo

Ah, this is why I sold the last Legacy. This was a pretty cool car, looked like a normal GTB but had some really good goodies in it.

It had been converted to single turbo using the headers and turbo from a V8 WRX STI RA Spec C, which meant titanium wheel VF36 and equal length headers. Apparently it was a full forged internal rebuild too, but typical Trademe special there were no receipts. Also had a tuned LinkPlus ECU and a couple of other various things (like the DIY cold air box).

This was a quick car, and when I changed the exhaust on it, it sounded great, almost a less harsh Evo exhaust note. Still remember the sound of the turbo spinning down after you shut the engine off, made a sound like a jet engine spinning down.

Sadly the engine, although apparently “rebuilt” by the previous owner who was a “mechanic” 30,000km ago it smoked like a freight train on boost and at high RPM. I suspect the rings were probably gone, either not run in correctly if rebuilt, or just not rebuilt and tired. It did have piston slap when cold which was somewhat indicative of forged pistons…. but it could also be a worn standard pistons >_<

Sold this off too, and went to something different.

Legacy GTB
2L EJ20
Converted to single turbo, forged internals
James Bond smoke screen
An interior so gross i had to have it pro steam cleaned

Update 8/3/20 – Unfortunately it appears this car met its end due to the registration lapsing 8 years ago.

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