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My first R33 Skyline. After being in the Subaru game for a bit, i decided i wanted a change. Found this car on TM, with fairly low KM, almost completely unmodified, good spec (skirt kit and sunroof), it was a late Series 2 and in the best color (sans Midnight Purple).

Fell for the car on the test drive, loved the power from the RB25DET and the responsive turbo. It was comfortable and easy to drive. The auto was… well, a typical auto, changing when it wanted (and when you least wanted it to) but it shifted well.

Didnt really have any issues with this one, just tidied it up a bit (replaced the front RH seat with one that didnt have a tear in the bolster), installed a boost and oil temp gauge below the new headunit i also installed and refitted the wing that the previous owner took off. It also had a set of Falcon XR6 Alloys fitted, which suited the car well.

Sadly one day when i was at work it was taken from me. i was stupid enough to have no alarm and no insurance, so it was a great loss to me. To this day it still hasnt been found, although deep down i keep my fingers crossed ill see it again. Im sure the bastards were watching me at work too, had seen a silver R32 coupe (may’ve been a GTR, cant remember now) floating around for a couple of days (you tend to notice them) and it was sitting in the carpark opposite work the day my car was stolen with a couple of people in the car. Tried to get details from security cameras, but to no luck.

Skyline GTS25T
2.5L RB25DET

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