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The stupid GiT

So this was an interesting car. I was bored with the Legacy wagon and wanted something different. A mate happened to have a V2 STI engine sitting around, and i had a gearbox in a donor car, so i went on Trademe and found my new car.

V2 STI Engine


As it arrived

An automatic Legacy GT sedan. The engine was seized from running with no coolant, and it had been sitting around a bit.

Towed it home, in the middle of the night as you do.

Towed with a A-Frame behind another Legacy

It had some cosmetic issues, namely the missing front grille, LH RR side trim and smashed RH FR guard. Also had some sun damaged paint on the roof, but nothing too bad. Interior was clean and had the nice trim.

So we got the car to a mates place to do the conversion; rip the old engine out, rip the auto out and install new STI engine and manual trans. All faily straight forward mechanically, and whilst there i replaced the missing trim and damaged panels.

This is where the great plan all turned to shit. Even thought it was all meant to be super straight forward something wasnt right, it was cutting boost at very low boost. It drove OK otherwise, but kept hitting boost cut. Tried a few different things, including a chipped WRX ecu, didnt really help much. Another issue was that we didnt know if the issue was there before the old engine blew because we couldnt run the car beforehand. The honeymoon was over, so i ended up selling the car, in the hopes the new owner could sort the boost issue and have a weapon of a car.

It wasnt over.

Legacy GT
2L EJ20 Turbo from WRX STI V2
Manual converted
Stock standard otherwise

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