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ZC31S Swift Cabin Filter

Most modern cars have a cabin filter, and its a darn good idea to change it if it hasnt been done in a few years.

Basically its a filter designed to clean the air coming into the car, that runs through the heater/blower system. Yes, that very air that is blown right into your face on a hot or cold day. If the filter is dirty or not there, youre getting all the rubbish air that is coming in the vents, or the dirt/smells in the filter, blown right at you. It can also restrict the airflow if the filter is blocked.

The ZC31S Swift Sport cabin filter (or pollen filter as its sometimes called) is really easy to change.

First step is to remove the glove box, this is done by squeezing the sides of the glove box together and pulling it down. Once thats out of the way, you will be left with the blower motor and the filter sitting right there.

The bits i ordered. Genuine filter and a new cover (as the locking tabs on my old one had been broken off at some point)

The older filter just pulls out once the cover is removed, and the new one slotted in. Observe that on the new filter it will have an arrow to indicate the direction of flow, make sure its in the correct direction (in this case, up). Its clear to see why its good to change them.

Once the new filter is in, pop the cover back on, reinstall the glove box and you’re done. Enjoy the fresh smelling air.

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