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Rover SD1, D Pillar Trims

Finally, something that isn’t coolant related!

A while ago I picked up a pair of good condition re-covered D-Pillar trim from the Whanganui haul. The ones on Effie were beyond stuffed. All the material was long gone, except for the torn bits around the edges. It looked haggard as.

After doing the work on the engine today, I quickly swapped them over for the good ones.

To remove the trims there is one screw up near the top of the trim. Remove this completely, and then there is a hook near the bottom, so the trim needs to be lifted up towards the roof/front of the car to unhook it. It takes some practice to do, especially refitting. Getting that hook back in can be a pain.

These are the old trims

And the replacements (albeit a tad dusty)

And fitted

110% improvement with little effort. I’ll keep the old ones and maybe recover them for Tess one day (when her ones wear out).

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