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Honda Fit GE8 Air Filter Upgrade

Not to be left out, I finally did some long overdue maintenance on the Fit.

I feel bad, for the amount of use and KM we put on this car daily, it only ever gets serviced as required, but never more than that. The air filter for instance, has only been changed once in the 75,000km we have had the car. It does get regular engine and CVT oil changes though.

I thought I would finally sort the filter out, and decided to go for a nice K&N panel filter, so that I can clean it instead of replacing it, since I should do it more often.

The air filter on these are super easy to do. The air box is on the LH side of the car, and has four clips to remove the lid.

Two at the front of the box

And two at the back

There are no hose clamps or anything to undo, the AFM just slips out of the hose and you can move the lid out of the way

You can see my filter was looking pretty grotty. It should be a nice clean white or cream colour. The other side was worse.

The filter just lifts out of the box

The new filter is a K&N 33-2422

And it just slips into place of the old filter

And on goes the lid again, along with a sticker to remind me not to throw it out, oh and gain +2hp

One other little mod I tried at the time was to remove the lid off the intake resonator. This resonator is pre-filter, so in theory removes a slight restriction for air entering the engine. This is held on with just two screws, and then pulls forward

The noise it makes under heavy throttle is hilarious. A loud deep drone that you can feel reverberating in the seats. It was a bit excessive though, so in the interests of NVH I refit the lid again.

I doubt there will be any sort of economy or power increase from the filter, but it was time to change the old one out, and I already have a K&N cleaning kit ready for when this one needs it.

Spark plugs are next. I’m not looking forward to that, but they too have been in there too long.


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