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I’m car crazy.


And that’s to put it simply.

Cars are my life. They are my work and my hobby. I’ve owned over 40 of them in the short time I’ve been driving, and do most of my own mechanical and electrical work.

These are the chronicles of my life.


Please note these are just my ramblings. I am not a mechanic or a professional, and nothing I say should be taken with a grain of salt. I am not responsible if you do something stupid, so please take care, and just don’t do stupid things (or at least cover them up so no one knows).


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  1. Richard Richard

    Great articles on the M3. I have just purchased a tensioner on Pelican parts. Is that the best place you found for BMW parts?

    • Hi Richard, Pelican is good, but I also purchased a lot of parts direct from my local dealer; they werent badly priced when you factor in overseas freight. is great for finding part numbers

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