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Golf GTI, A Very German Sense Of Humor

So the Golf reminded me that the Germans have an awesome sense of humour. Today was the first time I’ve driven the car more than around the block since doing the work last weekend. I took it to work.

I noticed straight away last weekend that the indicators weren’t flashing when the doors were locked like they used to. I figured this was down to coding. Today I also noticed the LH puddle light and mirror weren’t working. Hmmm, weird. Tried the LH front window, nope. Crap. Tried the LH rear window, nope. LH doors also aren’t locking at all. Balls.

When I was doing the work last weekend I disconnected the battery (as I was working on the fuel pump). Apparently it’s a well-known… feature…. that if the battery is disconnected for a period of time, or replaced, that the body control unit can throw a wobbly and chuck its toys out of the cot. The byproduct of this is it usually forgets there is a LH side of the car. The cure? To disconnect the battery for half an hour, and when reconnected it should stop being a little bitch.

I’ll do this tomorrow, and then I’ll be winning again.

On a side note, car drives mint. Turbo is making more boosty noises, obviously the diverter valve wasn’t in good shape but it’s working great now. Also makes wooshy noises when the throttle is let off. Airbag light still gone.

Have ordered a couple of things through the local dealer. Namely the electrical connector I broke on the fuel pump last weekend, and an O-Ring for the intercooler pipe (which I noted the other day had weeped some oil from inside the pipe, indicating its leaking air). Apparently no one in NZ has ever ordered that connector, so it’s on its way from Germany. PN 3B0 973 703 G

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