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Golf GTI, Servicing

One of the first things I tend to do to my new cars is service them. This car was no different.

First step was to jack the car up and get it on stands.

And check my supplies

It’s all pretty straight forward apart from the oil filter housing. It’s a cartridge filter but the canister is upside down hanging under the engine. Obviously it’s full of oil, thankfully VW implemented a drain into the housing. You unscrew the little cap, get a 3mm allen/hex key, push it into center of the orange nipple and as you push in gently push it towards on side. it will pop over and oil will drain out. There is a genuine special tool, but pfft, that’s money.

You’ll need a big 36mm socket to get the housing off. Thankfully I have mine from my BMW days.

Once the oil change was done I moved onto the diverter valve. I wanted to service it as it’s a Forge unit (and meant to be regularly serviced) and I had no history of any service for it.

I removed all the arch linings on the RH side of the car to gain more access. Be sure to have a bucket near when you pull the rear section off as it’s usually packed with mud, and sure enough mine was.

Bit of a pain to get out, much fussing around with different length extensions on my ratchet and much bashed knuckles. No fun at all. Got there eventually though.

Cleaned it all out, slathered some synthetic grease in the space between the o-rings and reassembled.

Popped that back together, and reassembled all the trims and shields I removed.

And lastly, fitted my new wipers. So good, they actually clear the screen unlike the old ones.

Overall the car doesn’t feel much different, maybe a bit smoother. because I disconnected the battery the DSG is learning again so it’s a bit iffy on its change speed and timing at times but that should sort itself as it adapts. I have noted boost is smoother, and I can hear more of a turbo intake noise and woosh on throttle let off.

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