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Skyline R33 Series Trivia

Today’s useless information is regarding the R33 model of Nissan Skyline.

In late 1993 the R33 model was introduced, taking over from the R32. It introduced a whole bunch of new features, like the legendary RB25DET engine, and more weight, but that’s not what this is about.

Logically the first R33s were called Series 1. They had a sort of rounded, soft look to them thank to the bumpers fitted. They also had a less than luxurious interior with hard shiny plastic surfaces on the dash, and cheap materials on the seats. Airbags were optional, and very few of the early ones had them. There was an optional Type-M body kit available, which gave it a slightly more sporty look.

Series 1 Sedan and Coupe

The Series 2 which arrived in 1996 brought a body with more aggressive bumpers, headlights, bonnet, rear garnish (The “SKYLINE” garnish is now body color) and boot spoiler. It also had some improvements in other areas, like airbags becoming standard for driver and passenger, an upgraded engine ignition system where the igniter is no longer on the cam cover, it’s integrated into the coils and ecu, and a ceramic wheel on the turbo. These only really had one body style, but there were optional lip kits, skirts and spats.

Where it gets confusing is the change over period of about 1995, where bits for the Series 1 were running out, and Series 2 bits were starting to come through. This is called the Series 1.5.

These are part-bin specials, and they usually differ in some ways from the factory (not all Series 1.5 cars are exactly the same). Generally they consisted of a Series 1 front end, Series 2 rear end (except the garnish on the boot between the indicators, it is clear like Series 1), Series 1 interior and a Series 2 engine. There are Series 1.5 sedans too, with the same treatment.

The GTR is a whole different kettle of fish, so i wont go into detail on the different Series of those.

So there we have it. I hope you learnt something today.

*Please note i’m not an expert, this is just information i have gathered over the years as a fan of the R33 Skyline. There may be errors, but hopefully not.
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