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Not a Rover, again.

Heres a story of how I didn’t end up buying a Rover, again.

Lets go back, to about 6 months ago, when I looked at the last Rover; the red Vitesse. The owner is a great guy, lives down south, apparently this car was his baby. He also has a collection of cars, including another Vitesse, a Vanden Plas EFI, and one of the last Twin Plenum Vitesse ever built (made on the last day of production). For whatever reason he decided “hey, I have an idea, let’s send a British Classic over to my nephew in Wellington for him to look after and enjoy”.

Well, when he told me the car was in Wellington, I jumped at the chance to have a look at it with the intention of purchasing it. The Nephew had been looking after the car for about a year or so from what I can gather, and let me tell you, he didn’t love and care for that car like he should have. When I saw it, it was full of his rubbish, it was filthy, and it had degraded significantly from the photos I was sent by the owner. There was pretty significant rust, the interior was worn, the transmission shifter was stuffed (like stirring a pot of porridge), and there was oil pissing out of the engine from every place it shouldn’t have been.

In the end I made an offer for that car, where I would have had enough left over to actually get the car back up to standard. Basically, he wanted $10k for that car, so I offered $6k, he countered with $8k, and I politely declined.

Fast forward to about 2.5 months ago, where I had just sold my MX5 and was on the lookout for a new car. I spotted a blue Rover, and recognised the car and driver. It was the nephew.

I dropped the owner a line, and yes, the Vanden Plas EFI was now in Wellington. He had taken the Vitesse back, and was working on getting it back up to spec himself. In turn he had sent the VDP EFI to the Nephew. He offered the car to me, and I said I would love to have a look with the intention of buying it.

Unfortunately he took that chance to tell me he was shooting off to Scotland for 4 weeks. Balls. So, I wait. And 4 weeks turns to 5 weeks. 6 weeks later he finally returns.

During this time the car goes to get a WOF, and a friendĀ happens to spot the car and take a couple of photos. His overall opinion of the car was that it was in decent shape, and well worth me taking a look. It fails the wof on a couple of fairly minor things, and passes its recheck later on.

I contact the nephew, who is pretty shit at contact really, and eventually I manage to try to arrange a time to view the car. I’m scheduled to view that weekend, awesome!

Friday rolls around, and I flick him a text to confirm we are still on. “No, car is at the mechanic”. Uh, ok, why? “Oil leaks or something”.

I contact the owner, who advises me that yes the car is at the mechanics, getting a power steering leak fixed. Ok, ill wait then.

The next week I contact the nephew asking how it’s coming along. “Still at the mechanics, should be back friday”. Friday rolls around, I ask when I can view it, “Its staying over the weekend at mechanics”. Well poo, that’s a pain.

The week after, I contact him again, and this time i’m told that they are now fixing a water leak. Well, when will that be done? Who knows.

Eventually I get to last week, where I was told a part they were waiting on was coming in on Friday and I should be able to view on Saturday. Friday rolls around, and once again “no, the part was wrong, it’s still at mechanic and will know on monday if they get can the right part”. WTF, what is it? Well, apparently they can’t source a bloody radiator hose.

That was it, I had decided earlier in the week that if I couldn’t view this weekend that I could just end it. I have been without a second car for over 2 months now, and it seems like the wait for the Rover is almost endless.

There we have it. This is a slightly cut down version of the story, I have been strung along, given differing versions of the stories of what’s being done, and I have had to at times, push for information to even know whats going on. The owner always seems to have a different story to the nephew, and neither of them seem to be telling me the full story.

It was a looker though. I spotted it at the mechanic, and grabbed a couple of quick snaps.

Whilst getting impatient for the Rover I had amassed quite a list on my Trademe Watchlist. Sadly in the meantime lots of great cars I wanted to own had sold, but there was one car that popped up and I jumped at the chance to buy it.

It is a Legacy S401 STI.