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Tool Opinions: Bissell Little Green Machine

Welcome to the latest and (unlikely to be the) greatest segment; Tastes Like Petrol Tools Reviews Opinions.

This opinion is dedicated to what is possibly the tool that has saved my arse the most. The Bissell Little Green Machine.

The Little Green Machine is a simple spot cleaner, used to clean small messes and make them look somewhat less gross.

On one side of the machine (left side) is the solution tank. This is filled with a mixture of water and cleaning solution. I leave this filled all the time, so the machine can be used at the drop of a hat. You can also fill it with hot water and solution (as this particular model doesn’t heat the mixture, but I believe there is a model that can, for more cost) to increase cleaning abilities, but when you need this machine, you NEED this machine.

I have a couple of bottles of solution, but this one is the main one I’m using at the moment.

I also have one for reducing smells in fabric, just in case I spill something smelly.

When you turn the machine on it instantly activates the suction mode, and powers the pump to dispense the solution from the cleaning head. It looks like there are options for different cleaning heads, but the one it came with works fine for me. It has a small brush to bring dirt out of the fibres in the fabric, a clear slot for suction (and so you can see the gross colour its sucking up), and on the underside, the wide spray nozzle for spraying solution. The trigger for spraying solution is below the nozzle, hidden in the photo by the clip it’s sitting in.

That green masking tape has been on there since new. I noticed the first time I tried to use it that there is a little clip in the top of the handle that badly leaked suction power. With it covered I get all 100% of my suction.

The recovery tank is the one on the right. This is where the gross stuff that got sucked out goes. You MUST clean this after each use, or it will start to stink. I usually half fill the bathroom sink with clean water and suck all of that up to clean the pipes and hoses, dump the recovery tank, and then flush with tap water.

What do I love about this machine?

It has saved mine (and my Wife’s) arse a few times now. I don’t know what people who don’t have one do when you have a really bad day, or do something stupid.

Wife spills coffee on light coloured carpet in the lounge? Spray solution, and suck it all back up. No stains.

Wife spills a full glass of red juice on the carpet later that same day? Don’t try to mop it up, grab the Little Green, spray the solution, and suck it all up. No stains.

I track grease from the garage through the house, on the light coloured carpet? I’m an idiot, but this one was a bit special. Spray solution on the grease and suck it up. Bad stains. Oops. Next day, lets try again. Spray brake clean on the grease, leave for 30 seconds, spray the solution and suck it all back up. Minimal to no stains. Use at your own risk.

Car seats stained and gross? Spray on solution, suck it back out and feel ill at the colour it comes out.

Its great. Our carpet would be straight up ruined if we didn’t have it, and having previously used it in our old rental, we would probably have been responsible for a couple of stains there otherwise.

What don’t I like about it?

Nothing actually. It has great suction, its lightweight, portable and quick. The cable is very long, and the pipe is flexible. It’s not cheap, but neither is replacing carpet. The cleaned carpet can take a while to actually dry, but its only damp, not wet, after cleaning.


5 Bowsers. Super duper recommended. Buy one.

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