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Accord Euro

After the Commodore I was looking for something a bit more suitable. I had been watching this Accord on Trademe for a bit, and when the Holden sold I went had checked it out.

The first thing that hit me, was the stunning Arctic Blue paint. It’s an amazing color. It also had knock off Mugen front lip and side skirts, and a sport rear lip. 18″ wheels completed the look. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it had actually had full black leather from a luxury model fitted instead of the normal cloth. It was a nice place to be. Oh, and it had HID bulbs in the fog lights; What a bloody terrible idea they are. Blinding to everyone else, but useless at lighting anything up.

It drove well too, and the auto/tiptronic was bearable. The K24A engine is great, loads of torque and it still loves to rev.

I didn’t do much to this one, just drove it a lot and serviced it. Changed the transmission oil out for Redline D4 and it made a vast difference in how the transmission behaved, much quicker and smoother shifts and more responsive.

Like most cars I got bored and sold it.

Update 8/3/20 – Currently on the road with Reg/WOF.

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