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First Lude

So after the terrible lumps of junk the previous couple of cars were i was lucky to come across this one. It was a Prelude Type S, with the 220hp red top H22A engine and Active Torque Transfer System (basically an electronic differential in the gearbox to dynamically transfer power from one wheel to the other and keep the power going to where it should be). Also had some goodies like half leather seats, bodykit and various fancy trim pieces.

Interestingly, it appears it had been painted at some point. The original pillar sticker shows it should be NH-592P Flamenco Black Metallic (a lovely colour in its own right), but this was clearly something else. I narrowed it down to what i think may have been an S2000 colour, Silverstone. Either way it was done very well, no traces of the original paint anywhere other than the engine bay (which didnt look out of place).

It was a great car, fantastic to drive and looked great. It had some minor mods, like a topfuel intake and a set of genuine SSR Meister S1 in 17×7 and 17×8.

Took it to Hanmer once and had fun on the gravel roads. This is also where i learnt all about the Prelude ignition switch failure (and subsequent recall overseas). Driving along in the middle of nowhere, 100kph, and boom, ignition turns off. Engine off, all electrics off, dead. Quickly coasted into a nearby driveway, swore a bit, and tried the ignition again. First turn of the key and the car acted like nothing happened. Needless to say it was a nerve wracking drive home. Its a common fault and caused by failure of the ignition contact set, where they overheat due to high resistance and lose connection. Easy to fix and the part isnt too expensive.

Another weird thing when i got the car was that the fog lamps had been covered over by tape. Insulation tape. Wondering what was up i decided to check the bulbs, and sure enough, both blown. Removed tape, installed new bulbs and away i went. Dont know why someone thought it was easier to cover the lights than to just fix them. Some people.

I wanted a change eventually, so swapped for my next car. That was a bad move.

Update 8/3/20 – Currently on the road with Reg/WOF.

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