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After my Skyline was stolen I was desperate, no car, no money and limited options. Thankfully I managed to get a loan from a finance company, which funded the purchase of my Corolla.

It was an AE101 FXGT hatch, non-superstrut with the silvertop 4AGE. It was a very surprising car, really high KM, but almost no wear on the interior (typical Corolla, hard-wearing), drove very well and didn’t smoke like a lot do. Great fun to drive, had a couple of small mods, Jamex lowering springs, exhaust, pod filter and some Advanti wheels.

It wasn’t all perfect though, the springs were far too soft (or the shocks were buggered), just pushing down hard on the rear of the car could make it hit the bump stops and the passengers seat had a broken bracket (which I fixed with a bolt and some washers).

After a short time, I decided I had to sell it to clear the debt I had from purchasing the car, and purchase something cheaper.

Corolla FXGT
1.6L 4AGE Silvertop
Buzzy fart cans
Sucky pod filter
Squishy sproings

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