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This was a bad idea from the start. In a knee-jerk reaction to getting my speeding ticket in the Integra I decided I needed to get rid of it and get something slower. So I got this.

It’s a C33 Laurel, I have always liked the look of them, just a big solid tank. This one had been converted to SR20DET and manual, lowered and on R32 GTST wheels. It was otherwise standard, with the lovely brown interior.

This is one of the worst cars I have owned. It was well built, no doubt, but just a combination of badness made me hate it. The engine was laggy, the early D2 suspension was so hard it made your insides hurt, and the chassis is so floppy it may have well been made of rubber (I guess having no B pillar does that).

I had this for two days before driving down to Timaru and swapping it. My partner didn’t even see the car, let alone ride in it!

I’ve since spotted it in various Facebook posts, so it’s still around. I do hear rumors that at some point after I sold it someone grenaded the engine though.

Last spotted end of 2017 on Facebook

Update 8/3/20 – This car is still reg/WOF and on the road