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The Soobies start

A sensible car, that’s what I said. Yeah.

I guess you can call this sensible, it was AWD, a wagon…. and turbo. This is the point where I was introduced to Subaru ownership by some mates, and it kick started the love/hate relationship I have with the brand.

After selling the Luce I needed another car (see the trend, I sell one car and immediately replace it). Did some trademe hunting, and found this car down in Ashburton, about an hours drive away.

We arrange a viewing and I head down with a couple of mates to check it out. Looks OK, reasonably tidy for its age and KM. It drove well and both turbos boosted fine. The seller said the coolant overflow bottle was leaking, hence it was empty. Turns out it wasn’t the overflow bottle, it was a pinhole leak in a hose behind the AC compressor. Made for some fun steam clouds pouring out of my bonnet scoop until I replaced it.

Drove it for a while, had fun with the turbos and even did some paddock bashing in it. After a bit of abuse, the clutch decided to give up under boost, so I had that changed.

The warrant was due to expire, and I had just acquired a new project so I ended up pulling the gearbox out for that car, and giving this Legacy away for parts.

2L EJ20 Twin Turbo
Twin sunroof
Rolled-with-a-pole guards
Inaccurate boost gauge
Super short, short shifter
Choo choo valve

Update 15/3/20 – Unfortunately it appears this car met its end due to being deregistered.

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