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So I got bored with the Prelude and stupidly swapped it for this thing.

It would’ve been a good car, if it didn’t smoke like a freight train. It sounded good, it drove good, it looked good but it just smoked a lot on deceleration.

I didn’t notice this on the test drive, as it wasn’t until I was driving home from the swapping of cars that I was engine braking for an intersection and noticed I was overtaken by a large cloud of oily blue smoke. It didn’t smoke at any other time though, only deceleration/engine braking. Needless to say I was a tad pissed off.

The strange part is that it didn’t consume a drop of oil from the dipstick in the time I had it, so I still wonder to this day if the intercooler had oil pooling in it and it was sucking that through. I did change both turbos to no avail, and what a crap of a job that is (especially the rear turbo which is between the engine and firewall with limited room).

This was the best of the best spec model, in Trigger Mauve (purple). It was a Type V which meant sadly no guard flares but instead it got goodies like an standard open rear diff instead of AYC (less troublesome), a full Recaro interior, faux carbon fibre interior trim and some other little bits and pieces like the red trimmed leather Momo steering wheel.

It had some minor mods like aftermarket wheels, pod filter and a larger exhaust.

This is a car I would like to own again as the spec was just that rare, and it was in good condition other than the smoking. I’m sure with what I know now I could correctly diagnose and fix the smoking.

In the end i sold the car to some guy that said he would buy it sight unseen, despite me being clear on its flaws. When he met me to pick the car up he didn’t even want to test drive it despite my firm insistence. After a quick lap of the car park he took the car.

Update 8/3/20 – Unfortunately it appears this car met its end due to an expired registration, which lapsed 6 years ago.