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So after a long string of Legacy’s I decided it was time for something different, and a bit more sporty. Saw this on Trademe, and loved the look of it.

Went and viewed it, and WOW! The colour is nothing short of stunning, its certainly one of the best factory colours Subaru produced. Deep rich blue, which at night just pops. It was Sonic Blue 74F. I seem to recall i swapped the Skyline for this.

This was a surprisingly quick car considering it wasnt an STI, just a normal Type RA WRX. It was running a little higher boost than normal, and a BOV, but other than that the engine was stock as a rock. It did have receipts for a rebuild.

The car was sitting on BC Gold adjustable suspension, which although very low was actually decently dampened and comfortable to drive. This was only the second set of adjustable suspension i had ever had in a car, the first being the bloody terrible D2s in the Laurel.

Speaking of low, it caused some issues when i got the car. The front guards hadnt been rolled and they were catching at both max compression and when turning. Sadly at some point the tyre caught the inner guard and pulled the lip out, cracking the paint and leaving a ripple in the panel. Either way, it looked damn good being so low.

I did get the guards rolled by some chap in an awesome orange classic Mini Traveller, he did the best he could considering the damage already done, and i didnt have any issues after that.

Another subtle but great looking mod was that someone had grafted a later model (V8?) STI bonnet scoop on, which gave it a nice aggressive look.

The Type RA Limited model was a limited run, mine being 590/1000. They came with 280hp, Sonic Blue paint, blue seats, blue dash trim, (apparently) a close ratio gearset, LSD rear diff, and an alloy bonnet.

I sold this because i was bored, like usual, which was silly.

Update 8/3/20 – This cars rego is on hold and hasn’t had a WOF since 2018.

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