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TL;DR Review: 2005 Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec B

Another day, another Subaru. This time, with no turbo and two more cylinders.

I’ve had an interest in these cars for a while, but always discounted them because all my past Subarus have been turbo and they were fun. I’ve now learnt I shouldn’t discount cars for silly reasons.

The 3.0 H6 is a great engine in this car, especially when mated to the 6 speed box. The engine has a big whack or torque down low, but loves to rev up to its 7K redline. The gearbox, like in the turbo Legacy I drove the other week, is a great box. Nice firm shifts, good throw and good ratios. Clutch feel was a bit odd, the bite point is right at the top of the pedal but did not slip. The inter webs says this is normal.

The interior is well designed and played out, if a bit sparse. Single zone climate, trip computer, and a decent sounding factory stereo. Seats were comfortable, not aggressively bolstered but held me in well enough around corners.

One thing I loved about the car was the noise. At idle or cruise its silent, but give the throttle a prod and out roars a deep throaty growl. It’s a great sounding engine.

It’s very high on the list of cars I like right now, so I’ll see what happens.

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