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Went for a quick nosy at this as it was pretty cheap on Trademe. The MY95 RA STI is pretty uncommon as it was limited build, with only 50 units built a month for the year of 1995 (but built to order, so may have not even hit the 50/m target).

I was excited to view this, as I’ve owned a few Subarus in the past and they’re great fun and crazy bang for buck.

This one was rough. Well, that’s bit of an understatement. Paint, felt like sand paper and had no gloss. Both bumpers had cracked and badly touched up paint. Wheels, ugly and badly painted. Interior, untidy but only tears in driver’s seat. Engine bay, untidy but no obvious signs of leaks etc.

Anyway, took it for a drive. Roof vent is cool, doesn’t really do a lot other than make crazy wind noise at speed. DCCD is useless on the road. Gearbox had a lovely short throw but was notchy and the syncros were slow. Engine ran well, made boost and good noises. Not overly fast though, had more lag than expected.

Has potential to be a reasonably good car, but will take a lot of work. Had astronomical kilometres on the clock with no service history.

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