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Mazda MX5 NC Machine Polish & Wax PT 1

I felt inspired to give the Roadster a little love today.

From a distance the paint looks great (well, when its clean), lots of color, and shine but it’s always been a little duller than it should be. Up close it’s covered in swirls, scuffs, water spots and oxidation.

The plan was to always give it a once over with my Dual Action machine polisher, starting with a fine cut and then moving to a layer of decent wax. The car lives outside so needs a decent level of protection.

To start with, I got the car outside and gave it a decent wash. I’m using all the same products I always do, so Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax is my go to wash now days. It smells nice too which is good.

I noted pretty quickly the current level of protection on the paint. None. No beading at all.

Once clean, into the garage I went. On went the tape, and away I went. I’m once again using Hexlogic green and red pads, and Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. This stuff is great, powerful enough to make a decent difference but not so rough that it does more harm than good for rookies like me.

As I’ve said, the paint was covered in some ugly surface issues. The worst were on the bonnet, the rest of the car was in good shape.

Even the fuel flap that is universally disliked didn’t escape the ugly. Looks like someone has sprayed a harsh cleaner on it.

A quick half and half on the bonnet shows just how oxidised the paint actually was.

And then from there the rest of the car got a full polish and buff. Its taken a while, so tomorrow I will go over it again with the DA and apply some Gold Class wax.

In the meantime, I can’t feel my hands, and this is how it looks now. There is so much depth and gloss to the paint now, and the metal flake is insane.

To be continued.

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