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Mazda MX5 NC Machine Polish & Wax PT 2

Went back into the garage this morning, and finished what I started yesterday.

Yesterday I gave the whole car a wash, dry and then machine polish. The paint had great clarity and shine, but wasn’t protected.

Todays task was to protect the paint in a layer of lovely carnauba wax. My weapon of choice is Meguiar’s Gold Class liquid wax. I use this on all my cars (that I bother to wax) and the results are great. It last a long time, has great shine, and the beading is amazing.

No photos of the actual process, it’s boring and there really isn’t anything to see, but the results are awesome.

Stunning beading now, and the rain just falls off the paint. Its great watching all the rain run off the bonnet when you’re at speed.

Which compared to how it was, is great.

Sadly the weather today was rubbish and I ended up having to fight the rain, and have no sun. I’ll have to get out again when it’s sunny and get some decent photos.

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