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Rover SD1, Binning The Pod

The box of bits from the previous owner arrived, so out goes the pod, in goes the original filter.

Back in the NP70 days I had some issues with the original air box having the incorrect filter fitted, and strangling the engine. A quick fix was to chuck a fully sick red pod filter on the AFM…. and boy did it make a huge difference. The engine could breathe again. It also made lots of loud noises, such as an annoying whistle.

I sold the car with the pod on there (and the original box in the boot) because it wasn’t worth my money or effort replacing the standard filter.

Fast forward many years, and im back in an SD1, and sure enough, it too has a pod filter installed.

Its ugly, looks out-of-place, is sucking hot engine bay air, and it whistles like crazy. Certainly wouldn’t be my choice to install these days.

Thankfully, the previous owner still had the original air box and filter, and it was a condition of the sale that he sends them my way. Today I received the package, and went to work installing the original air box.

It was dirty and looks like it’s had some touch-ups in the past, but its complete and in good condition. The filter inside wasnt dirty either, so ill reuse that.

It even still has the original Unipart sticker 😀

I gave both the whole air box and the area on the car where it will sit a good clean and degrease.

And removed the pod filter. Just the one clamp to remove it.

With some wiggling and jiggling I got the air box, its trumpet and the rubber hose all fitted up, with some new hose clamps. I then gave the whole lot a quick splash of 303 to make it look nice (and to condition the rubber hose).

Over all, much much happier. It looks the part, and will hopefully make the engine sound a bit less silly. I obviously haven’t driven it yet though due to it pissing fuel out everywhere, but that’ll be fixed soon.

Whilst under the bonnet I took a few seconds to just tweak a few things and make it look tidier. I cleaned up the ignition leads, and tucked away the vacuum hose on the top of the plenum.

Looks a bit better than it did. Its the small things 😊

Speaking of fuel leaks, the hose arrived today, so not long until I can fix it. This is proper SAE R9 high pressure, ethanol safe fuel hose, in the CORRECT ID of 7.6mm.

Just waiting on parts from Rimmers, and the hose clamps, then it’s all go.

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